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Information submitted via this form is treated as confidential. Data will be used by University of Suffolk for the purposes of providing appropriate information to anyone requesting admissions information and monitoring and improving admissions and website performance; data will be deleted when it is no longer needed for these purposes. No personal details will be passed on to third parties.

MPhil/PhD Applicants:
Applicants must complete an initial inquiry before submitting an application. If you have not already done so please click here for further information and the access to the initial inquiry form.
Should your initial inquiry be successful you will then be invited to submit a full application.

If you have been issued with a University Campus Suffolk or University of Suffolk student or staff ID already or have previously applied to University Campus Suffolk or University of Suffolk and wish to make a new application please register as a new user first. When choosing a username in the next screen, please use one not known to University Campus Suffolk or University of Suffolk as currently only one application can be made per username.

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